Dr. Hendrik Schneider is a university professor at the University of Leipzig Faculty of Law and holds the chair for criminal law, criminal procedure, criminology, juvenile criminal law and penology.

In addition to research and teaching he also operates in legal practice. Hendrik Schneider exclusively takes on mandates from the field of corporate criminal law and medical criminal law.

Hendrik Schneider provides support in compliance issues relating to the founding of companies in the German market. Moreover he speaks at international conferences and edits the Compliance Elliance Journal (CEJ). CEJ is an open access e-journal and platform for exchanges and dialogues between science and practice, which Hendrik Schneider founded together with Michele DeStefano, who is a visiting professor of law at the University of Miami School of Law.

Since 09/01/2016 Hendrik Schneider is the chairman of the arbitration board of the AKG e.V., Arzneimittel und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen e.V. He followed Dr. jur. H. C. Matthias von Wulffen, who held this position since 2010 and has recently retired. The AKG e.V. was founded in November 2007 and is the leading self-regulation organization in the pharmaceutical industry.


Legal Reports

Scientific analysis of substantive issues:

  • as a supplement to the pleading of the defense counsel
  • in advance or subsequent to economic transactions
  • within the scope of an Integrity Due Diligence
  • associated to the evaluation of an Internal Investigation
  • relating to Compliance Management Systems, in particular in the area of health care, as well as to anti-corruption guidelines and to other internal regulations aiming to avoid economic crime

Defense Proceedings

  • Individual Defense
  • Defense of companies
  • Collaborative Defense of several defendants


Avvocato Dr. jur. Martina Orrù

Martina Orrù is a research assistant and an independently established European attorney. She is a member of the Frankfurt am Main bar association (§§ 2 ff. EuRAG dated March 9, 2000, BGBl. I p. 182, 1349) and works on Prof. Dr. H. Schneider’s team in the Office of Corporate and Medical Criminal Law. As an independently established European attorney she is entitled to practice law in Germany under the professional title used in her country of origin (Avvocato, Italy) as per §§ 1 through 3 BRAO [German Federal Lawyers’ Act]. She is also a member of the bar association in Oristano, Italy, and is authorized to work as an attorney in Italian courts of law.

In September 2017, she earned the academic degree of Dr. jur. with her dissertation “Analisi comparata dei delitti sessuali, con riferimento agli elementi normativi culturali,” English: “Comparative analysis of sexual crimes, with reference to normative cultural elements,” under her dissertation advisors Prof. Dr. Cornelius Prittwitz (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Prof. Giovanni Cocco (Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy), to be published by Lit Verlag in 2018. Her work on this comparative criminal law project was financially supported by a competitive grant from “Regione Sardegna Fondo POR-FSE 2007-2013.” In addition, Martina Orrù completed a research semester in Madrid (Universidad National de Educatiòn a Distancia), where she worked on comparative studies of Spanish and Italian criminal law. This stay was further supported by another European grant.

From 2011 to 2017, Ms. Orrù also worked as a research assistant in the Criminal Law department at Università Cagliari (Prof. Giovanni Cocco).

Her professional career in Germany began with an “Erasmus PlaceDoc” grant, during which time Ms. Orrù worked at a well-known criminal law firm in Frankfurt am Main, where she specialized in criminal law. From there, Ms. Orrù moved to the Office of Corporate and Medical Criminal Law, where she was able to combine practice and scholarship. Here, Ms. Orrù is particularly involved in the areas of compliance and legal defense. She looks forward to your inquiry in German, Italian, English or Spanish; her email address is orru@hendrikschneider.eu .

Cand. iur. Theresa Albert

Ms. Theresa Albert works as a part of Prof. Dr. Schneider’s team as a research assistant, and is a law student at Goethe University in Frankfurt. She is responsible for all of the office’s organizational tasks, including scheduling appointments. She looks forward to hearing from you, especially if you are inquiring about arranging a lecture by Prof. Dr. Schneider. You can reach Ms. Albert at albert@hendrikschneider.eu.

Cand. iur. Luisa Wermter

Following a position at Krankenhausgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz, Ms. Luisa Wermter now works as a part of Prof. Dr. Schneider’s team as a research assistant. She studies law at Goethe University in Frankfurt.


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